The Gazette

There’s always something interesting in the local paper – even if nothing ever really seems to happen around here…

Newport Transporter Bridge

It’s like a wet day at the seaside – sitting by ourselves on a bench under the shelter, the dripping dagger boards gayly framing our view of the water, and of the conductor, staring out like a lonely ice cream seller.  

The Petrolheads of Cheddar Gorge

A crack like a gunshot echoes through the gorge. Some frost-loosened fragments of the limestone cliffs reverberate, considering if this is their time to let go, and plummet 200 feet onto the road below.

The Landscape is determined by rivers

On a sunny afternoon we might stroll along the bank of a celebrated river, watching the cascade of a weir, pleasure boats passing up and down – but mostly, we are unaware of rivers, passing silently through culverts and ditches, invisible to us.

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